Innovation Projects for Vision 2030

Deadline: 20 April 2018
Do you have an innovative solution to health and education that can help reduce poverty in developing countries? If yes, then you can apply for Vision 2030.
Vision 2030 will relieve risk during the development and pilot phase. Companies seeking to be encouraged to cooperate with humanitarian organizations, research institutes or other companies to ensure local market expertise and anchorage.
The partnership will help the innovation project develop a product that is needed and which can be commercialized.
Focus Areas
Projects will cover specific needs and issues within this framework, focusing on:
  • Learning technology, effective learning, job skills (soft skills, digital skills), entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, avoid dropout in school, enhance gender equality inclusion / participation, education for people with disabilities and special learning needs.
  • Sexual education, youth-friendly health services, better data and reporting (gender and age), other health-related challenges for young people (adolescent pregnancies, HIV, childhood and forced marriage, malnutrition / obesity)
Eligibility Criteria
These are the most important criteria:
  • Applicant must be a company registered in Norway.
  • The innovation project must involve a partner who is present locally. They encourage cooperation with other companies, NGOs, civil society and academia.
  • The company must be able to implement an innovation process and establish the solution in a commercial market.
  • The project must have a research / innovation component
  • The scheme is for both small, medium and large companies
  • Country-specific projects are only supported in countries that fall within the 85 countries that receive Norwegian aid.
  • They prioritize innovation projects conducted in one or more of the government’s partner countries in Norwegian development policy.
Eligible Projects
The project should be within one of these areas:
  • Target audience “Youth” and how young people can better meet their educational and health needs. Youth includes the age group 10-19 years (adolescents / teens), in addition to those between 15-24 years.
  • Priority is given to innovations in education, skills and learning.
Selection Criteria
Here are the important points that must be covered in the application. Good reflection on these points will be emphasized in the application process.
  • Relevance – Relevance of the project in relation to the goals and guidelines for Vision 2030.
  • Project scope – Minimum project size is set at NOK 1.5 million. Normal project length is 1 to 3 years. Only costs accrued after the grant date will be approved.
  • The project must hold research and development activities for a product or service. Applicants must own or have disposal rights over intellectual property rights.
  • Market Potential – Which needs of users will the innovation project seek to solve? What are the market opportunities for the product / solution beyond the pilot phase? How can the solution be scaled? What user and social impact will the solution provide?
  • Partner (s) – How will each partner contribute to the innovation project and what expertise and market support can you seek as a search company from a partnership with your partners?
  • Sustainability – To what extent will the innovation project affect environmental and social conditions in the market?
  • Financial Implementability – Applicants and partners must make sure that they have sufficient financial resources to implement the innovation project while maintaining daily operations throughout the project period and up to market launch.
  • Professional competence – Applicants in cooperation with partners must possess relevant competence to manage, develop and implement the innovation project.
  • Good business practice – Innovation Norway expects customers and partners to take good business practice in line with globally recognized guidelines
How to Apply
Applicants can apply via given website.
For more information, please visit Innovation projects for Vision 2030.