The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency’s(LEG VPU) Internship Program Spring2022 for highly-Motivated law students

The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency offers highly Motivated law students an opportunity to be exposed to the mission and work of the World Bank and that of the legal Vice Presidency.  The World Bank Legal Internship Programme allows individuals to bring a new perspective, Innovative ideas, and latest research experience into the world bank’s daily operations and improve their legal skills while working in a multicultural environment.

The objective of the program is to provide your first hand-experiences of the day-to-day operation of the World Bank by closely collaborating with staff in the Legal Vice Presidency. As part of our team, working directly with outstanding and inspiring development professionals and senior management, you will get the chance to contribute to the legal services offered by the LegalVice Presidency as well as participate in the high profile events and conferences organized during the term of your internship.


  • Do you hold citizenship of any IBRD Member states?
  • Are you currently enrolled in an LLB, JD, LLM, SJD, PhD, or equivalent program?
  • Do you have an excellent command of the English language?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, you are eligible to be an intern in the Legal Vice Presidency preference shall be given to the candidates who possess a decent command of a second language, especially if that is one of the workings languages of IBRD ( Arabic, Chinese, French Russian, or Spanish.)

Applications from eligible international as well as U.S based students are equally encouraged.

Spring Internship Program: The application period will commence on 1 September and end on September 30(The proposed internship period is for 10-12weeks, typically between March and May, Depending on prevailing needs). This is an excellent opportunity for students looking to gain professional experiences at the World Bank in the form of externships during the academic year while enrolled in a full-time law program or for those who enrolled in part-time and or evening law programs, According to the U.S Department of Homeland security rules, Students authorized to participate in Pre-completion OPT may work part-time (20hours or less per week) while school is in session.

All applications must be submitted during the respective application period.


Internship at Country offices: The Legal Vice Presidency has limited its Internship in the field to offices where the lawyer from the Legal Vice Presidency is present.


Interns will likely be involved in a plethora of tasks as they arise during the term of the internship program such as: 

  • Conducting a variety of legal assignments under the legal direction of the supervising lawyer(s)
  • Conducting research on assigned issues, using existing law files and alternative sources(e.g computer-assisted searches using the internet, intranet/or other databases), analyzing information, and summarizing findings.
  • Conducting comparative legal analyses on a range of issues in a given area, identifying legal and policy issues, researching relevant precedents, and proposing appropriate solutions.
  • Participating in task/or project teams with the supervising lawyer.
  • Assisting in the preparation and organization of conferences and meetings.
  • Performing ad oc assignments as requested by the supervising lawyer(s).

Addition information:

Visa: Students partaking in the World Bank Legal Internship program must have valid visa students documents sponsored by their Educational Institutions. The world bank shall only assist the attainment of visa documents for participants of the World Bank Legal Internship Programme in expectational cases.

Cost: The World Bank Shall not remunerate Participants of the World Bank Legal Internship Programme in the form of monetary fees/compensation. Each World Bank Legal Intern must however be remunerated in accordance with the World Bank Group policies and standards in the form of (1. Monetary fees/compensation paid by the university or other sponsoring organization and acceptable to the Bank; or 2. academic credit equivalent to the Bank’s fees schedule. Hence students partaking in the World Bank Legal Internship program must secure appropriate funding sources for the duration of their internships.

Medical Insurance: World Bank legal Internships are responsible for their own medical insurance and any cost(s) arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during the internship period and must show proof of a valid major global medical insurance coverage.

Selection Process: World Bank Internship shall be selected through a competitive selection process. The World Bank Group is an equal opportunity employer.

On-Boarding: The World Bank Legal Vice Presidency shall organize a brief onboarding session at the beginning of the Summer, Fall, and Spring Internship Program for the incoming cohort.

Evaluation on Performance: The world bank shall not provide an evaluation of the performance of the participants in the world bank legal internship program.

Please note that applying or partaking in the World Bank Legal Internship Program does not constitute a promise or guarantee of employment at the  World Bank upon completion of the program.

Documents Needed

  1. Resume
  2. Statement of interest
  3. Proof of enrollment in a law degree (LLB, JD, LLM, SJD, PhD or equivalent ) and academic transcript(s)
  4. Short essay providing a response to a research question posed by the Legal Vice Presidency for the prevailing application period.

Opening Date: 1 st September 2021

Closing Date:30th September 2021



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