The Millennium Fellowship program Class of 2022 now Is Open

 The Millenium Fellowship

The United Nations Academic Impact and MCN proudly present the Millennium Fellowship. The Fellowship is a semester-long leadership development program on your campus to take your social impact to the next level.  Access to world-class training, connections, and recognition is just an application away.

The Class of 2022 application is open below and the program will run August-November 2022.  Apply below: early applications are strongly encouraged.

 Benefits, Dates, Eligibility:

Millennium Fellowship: Do you imagine yourself making some real change in the world and working with other countries on the same cause? If yes, then here is a semester-long leadership program, known as Millennium Fellowship, which is initiated by United Nations Academic Impact and MCN. The authorities of the two organizations invite candidates to take social impact to the next level. Candidates are welcomed to participate in the class training, recognition, and connection. The Millennium Fellowship is a real-time fellowship program that brings the opportunity to make the world a better place together. To know more detailed information about the Millennium Fellowship, you can find the complete information in the article below.

Millenium Fellowship About The program:

The program is a real leadership program that deals in challenging, celebrating, and convening the student leadership in order to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and UNAI principles. The program is launched under a partnership between United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network that have combined 17 years of experience in elevating the leadership on campuses and community


The three main motives are:

  1. Convene: The fellows convene on their campus to learn from each other, along with challenging each other. Candidates get to convene eight times during the fellowship.
  2. Challenge: The organization develops a plan of action for combined sessions of fellows wherein they learn to adopt the best practices and think bigger.
  3. Celebrate: when all the fellows complete fellowship, goals, graduation requirements and earn recognition certificates, it’s time for them to celebrate the great journey lived together.

 Important Dates

Candidates willing to be part of the program should know about the important dates when the authorities release the application form, extended date of application form filling dates, etc. The applications for 2021 are open for the candidates. Here is a table for reference:


To participate and become a fellow candidate will need to meet the eligibility criteria. It is the minimum requirement that a candidate needs to fulfil. Here are some points which a candidate needs to fulfil.

  1. Candidates should be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Candidates should have got enrolled in an undergraduate degree in a recognised university
  3. Candidates will need to convene at least eight times during the whole fellowship program with directors of the campus and other fellows
  4. Candidates will need to meet each other on campus in person with each other during the fellowship program
  5. If a candidate fails to appear, it will be the reason for forfeiture of the designation of Millennium Fellow.

Note: The authorities expect to have at least two campus directors and 8 Millennium Fellows from each campus hub. Most of the hubs will have 8-20 fellows. The program will be about the farming community where they could share the program, encourage and bring another perspective to the whole deal. 

 Requirements to Become a Fellow

Candidates need to fulfil these requirements in order to complete the fellowship program:

  1. Candidates should attend three virtual events and six fellowship sessions
  2. Candidates will need to submit the 2-3 minutes video of the current project in the month of October.
  3. He/she will need to have completion of Program Entrance along with Program Exit Evaluation.
  4. Campus directors will have additional responsibilities like participation in 4 hours of training, arranging one-to-one meetings and meetings with other co-directors. Fellows at the campus hub will be participating in the meetings. The directors will need to submit the proof of sessions and commit regular communications with the team at least once every month.

 Application Form

The application form filling process is the first step towards the Millennium Fellowship. Candidates are advised first to check the eligibility criteria and then move forward towards the application form filling process. The authorities have released the application form on the official website for the year 2021. Aspirants willing to fill the application form can only fill the form via online mode and hence will need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the official website of Millenium Fellowship
  2. Click on ‘Apply’ mentioned on the right top corner of the screen
  3. A new window will appear on the screen

Complete the first round of application.

The program will take place on selected campuses worldwide from August 2022 to December 2022. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and eligible students will proceed to the second and final round of the application. Please do not fill this form more than once

Note: Candidates, please note that the application form filling process has started for the year 2021. The further dates of important events will be released on the official website, so candidates are advised to check the website at regular intervals. 

Fore more information visit:

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