ITC’s Youth Entrepreneur Awards – Ye! Community Now is open At Under Developing Countries (cash prize of 15,000 USD)

The Youth Ecopreneur Awards
The Youth Ecopreneur Awards aim to activate youth entrepreneurship in the green economy.
The Awards are a green business competition for young entrepreneurs (up to 35 years old) from the least developed and developing countries, whose companies offer innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

They award young ecopreneurs in three categories:

The prizes include a monetary prize for the winners (total of USD 15k) as well as technical assistance and coaching by ITC experts and our partners. Most importantly, the Awards offer a stage and sounding board for youth to showcase their sustainable and scalable solutions to accelerate the green economic transition.

Green To Compete and the Youth & Trade programme launched the first edition of ITC’s Youth Ecopreneur Awards in collaboration with global partners:

The Awards call for young ecopreneurs with innovative solutions in three categories

  • Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Efficient use of water

What are the Youth Ecopreneur Awards?

The Youth Ecopreneur Awards are a green business award competition specifically targeted at young entrepreneurs from least developed and developing economies.

The Awards offer a stage and sounding board for youth to showcase their sustainable and scalable solutions to accelerate the green economic transition and to receive support on this journey.

The Awards will recognize success stories of young businesses generating a commendable impact on the environment.

What drives us to host this competition?

We need bold solutions to tackle today’s climate and environmental crisis. Youth entrepreneurs in the least developed and developing countries are seen as more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change – but they are not necessarily the victim of the crisis. They are the agent of change through building and leading innovative ventures that offer solutions for a global green economy.

These entrepreneurs often face challenges in scaling up their businesses: youth-led ventures have more difficulties getting access to knowledge, networks, collateral, and financial opportunities than older entrepreneurs. Moreover, it’s also a challenge to earn investors’ trust without a solid track record and compete with established players in complex business environments.

We are true believers in the potential of young entrepreneurs to become climate leaders for the economy of the future. For this reason, with these Awards, we want to empower you to succeed with your business idea on the green growth path.

Who are we?

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization (WTO) with the mandate to support micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) from developing countries and fragile economies to become more competitive and access international markets. ITC works closely with partners along global value chains, business support institutions, and policymakers. We are a member of the UN family and work in developing and least developed countries across the globe.

GreenToCompete is ITC’s activator for the transition to a green economy that nurtures both people and the planet. Through GreenToCompete, we are providing knowledge, expertise, and our networks to MSMEs in developing countries, so that they can develop a competitive advantage by going green.

The Youth and Trade Programme supports youth economic empowerment across two tracks: youth skills development for employment, and youth entrepreneurship. It’s global Ye! Community of youth entrepreneurs connects youth businesses to the resources, networks, mentors, opportunities, and support they need to succeed.


  • A cash prize of 15,000 USD (5,000 USD per category)
  • Technical assistance to scale your innovative green business, delivered by ITC and partner experts in the digital, green, legal, and financial space
  • Support in matching with investors
  • International visibility – you will be able to share your story with global audiences, be featured in ITC’s and our partners’ various media channels and events
  • A ticket to SLUSH, the world’s leading start-up event
  • Speaking slots at our next local, regional, and international events
  • Opportunity to get involved in ITC GreenToCompete networks’ initiatives and to be part of the Ye! Community
  • Support in matching with investors
  • Access to Coaching delivered by seasoned entrepreneurs, tech and digital geeks, legal and financial experts on how to be agile entrepreneurs in the green space and how to grow your business internationally
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with experts who are passionate about driving change
  • Invitations to our local, regional, and international networking events
  • Opportunity to get involved in ITC GreenToCompete networks’ initiatives and to be part of the Ye! Community


  • majority-owned by ecopreneurs below the age of 35 (i.e. born after 30 July 1985)
  • legally registered in a developing or least developed country (please see eligible countries from the country list and provide the registration certificate when applying)
  • offer a solution (a technology, product, service, or process) in one of the Awards categories:

-Must be majority run by a young person

– Must promote renewable energy and/or energy efficiency, and/or reduce and recover waste and/or ensure efficient use of water

-We’re eager to receive applications from women, people with disabilities, and belonging to a minority (i.e. minority ethnic group, migrant population, indigenous people)!

Opening Date: 12 August 2021

Closing Date: 15 September 2021.
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