Call For Conference At Harvard World Model United Nations in Tokyo 2022

  • Funding type: Self Funded
  • Country: Japan
  • Open to: All countries
  • Deadline: January 25, 2022

Harvard World Model United Nations is the world’s most globally assorted school-level MUN meeting and the biggest MUN outside of the United States and Canada. Consistently, 2,000+ presently enlisted college understudies from more than 110 nations to go to World MUN in an alternate area throughout the planet.

WorldMUN 2021 will look and feel a lot different from the first WorldMUN, held in 1992 in Międzyzdroje, Poland. Yes, WorldMUN will have more than six times as many delegates as it did then. Yes, WorldMUN will have an expanded offering of social events and keynote speakers relative to its humble origins. And yes, WorldMUN will take place in a venue far different from where it started—Zoom.

But perhaps more importantly, the challenge before WorldMUN delegates in 2021 compared to 1992 has drastically changed. In 1992, delegates gathered in Eastern Europe in an era of hope for new world order. The Cold War had ended, the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain had come down, and the forces of internationalism, globalism, and humanitarianism brought a promise for a more prosperous, interconnected world. Many experts observed that we had arrived at the end of history; liberalism had triumphed.

A quarter-century on, the international community has successfully and immensely reduced poverty, hunger, and violence. Trade, communication, and the free exchange of ideas have indeed expanded, allowing endeavors like WorldMUN to thrive as havens for intercultural dialogue.

But we have by no means arrived at the end of history. Over the course of 2018 and 2019, cracks in the post-Cold War world order have emerged. Transnational political movements have called into question the benefits of globalization and internationalism, citing the very real failings of the liberal world order.

Thus, at its twenty-ninth session, WorldMUN delegates must reevaluate the pillars and institutions of the contemporary international community, without giving in to the impulses of fear, discrimination, and hatred. Whether it be within the largesse of DISEC, the fast-paced Security Council, or anywhere in between, delegates must apply their knowledge, critical thinking, and diplomatic skills in order to envision a more connected, inclusive, and prosperous world for all people.

Through vivacious and educated discussion, energizing get-togethers, and an exceptional gathering soul, the MUN experience comes across societies and lines to motivate both participation and companionship.

There will be two easy ways to access, which are,

Virtual Conference:

  • Four ECOSOC panels will be held over Zoom, like our boards of trustees last year.
  • If virtual gathering occurs, virtual agents will have the freedom to mingle and participate in the Harvard World Model United Nations in Tokyo, Japan.

In-Person Conference:

  • It’s necessary that representatives verify inoculation or introduce a negative COVID test in March if intending to go face-to-face. More subtleties can be found on our site.

Eligibility criteria:

Here are the criteria for the Harvard World Model United Nations:

  • Applicants must be at least a college student to go to World MUN.
  • Undergraduate and high school students can register also register.
  • However, undergraduate students have to attend the MUN conference in person.


  • Develop leadership skills and build confidence through experience.
  • Improve public speaking, research, and teamwork on a global forum.
  • Become acquainted with global issues.

Application process:

  • Follow the link below to apply for the Harvard World Model United Nations.
  • Search for the “Harvard World Model United Nations 2022” under the list of MUN, then apply.
  • Fill in the personal information, add information about delegates. Then select the society and fill in the details and pay the registration charges.


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